Board of Directors

David Emri | President: He is the Principal of Emri Group, a private investment company based in Vancouver. He has been involved in other nonprofits in Africa and is also on the board for Mission Possible, a charity helping people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Sheniff Harji, CPA, CGA | Treasurer:  He is a Certified General Accountant, working with a Crown Corporation. Sheniff, is also a member of the audit team for a locally based charity delivering social services to lower mainland residents. Being deeply moved by the traumatic, and often devastating effects of war on the very venerable in society, Sheniff seeks to give back by supporting OBK in its administrative and reporting needs.

Ryan King | Director: Is a husband and a father of a young son. Ryan is involved with several publicly traded companies listed on the TSX. Ryan has been assisting with various responsibilities for OBK Children.

Bruce Macartney | Secretary: Bruce actively manages investments for wealth families in Vancouver. He also has extensive experience in corporate and commercial finance. Bruce lives in West Vancouver with his wife and two children and is active in the support of those impacted by urban poverty.
He also enjoys cycling, running and skiing

Bob Emri: He is a husband and father of three children and is a Principal of the Emri Group. He has been involved in other nonprofits in Africa as well. Bob is currently living and working in San Diego, California

Wayne Ziekle, CA: He is a husband and father of 4 kids and is the CEO of LedgersOnline and LedgerDocs, an online accounting services company based in Vancouver. Wayne is also involved in a number of nonprofits in Vancouver.

Mike Thodos: The father of two boys, Taylor and Adam, we are proud to announce that Mike Thodos has joined the board of OBK. Mike is a local businessman who specializes in company building and sales and marketing. He sits on the board of various companies and is excited for the opportunity to help change the lives of people in South Sudan.

Julius & Martina Otto

OKB Children - Julius and Martina Otto

The idea of OBK Children started flashing within my mind in 1997 while I was in Egypt, coupled with the experience I went through during the war that broke out in South Sudan in 1983. I felt touched and so compassionate about children who have become victims of circumstances; and how help can be rendered to them in order to recover from the trauma they went through.

I have an amazing wife, Martina Keji Otto, and am blessed with two beautiful kids, ages 2 and 3. Martina is a teacher by profession and she has the experience of what it is like to grow up during a war. She lived in exile for 20 years in Uganda and did her schooling there as a refugee.

South Sudan Advisory Team

Julius Otto | VP of South Sudan operations: A husband and father of 2 kids, he is the force on the ground in South Sudan. He is responsible for all of the day-to-day operations of OBK Children in the region.

Joseph Lasuru: Joseph is currently working with UNOCHA South Sudan programme. He holds an MBA from Glasgow Caledonia University -UK. He has Volunteered supporting OBK in setting strategic direction of the organisation, project implementation and Operations. In fact Joseph has help a lot in introduction OBK to the Government. Joseph has now volunteered and worked with OBK South Sudan for 4 years. He is the one work with me ( Julius ) closely on the day to day running of OBK South Sudan

Avelino Androga Said. He is currently working with Ministry of Education Government of South Sudan. He has a vast experience in project proposal writing and management. Avelino holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development. He has volunteered and help OBK South Sudan as a technical advisor for three years now.

Dr Godwin Mindra: He is currently working with the CDC Atalanta Georgia-USA. Until August this year Dr. Godwin has been an active volunteer of OBK South Sudan advising on Health services-Sanitation of the kids and treatment. As he moved to USA for two years, we have discussed extensively with him and he is more than willing to volunteer and participate in the area of fund raising.